Tuesday, 17 November 2009

In my end is my beginning, for the time being, anyway

I can't stay away any longer.

Better to walk alongside the great English bloggers, Vicus Scurra, Dave, ur-Patroclus, Z, Rog, Belle de Jour etc. than creep about in the shadow of their comment threads. So Lydian Airs breathes again.

(I expect I subconsciously kept my options open with the photo I doctored slightly when I packed up last July. It wasn't a symbolic sunset at all. It was a winter dawn over the western Mediterranean, taken from a bedroom balcony somewhere that wouldn't be a secret any more if I said where it was.)

Speaking of bedrooms, while heading for Scotland a few days ago with the ever-stunning J. we pitched up at nightfall at The Collingwood Arms in Cornhill on Tweed, right on the Border. We'd known this hotel from years back, when it was comfortably scruffy but none too warm in winter. It's had a terrific makeover since, taking much of its inspiration from Cuthbert Collingwood, Nelson's vice-admiral at Trafalgar, who had family connections in north Northumberland.

The bedrooms are named after the men-of-war in Collingwood's Trafalgar division. You may well wonder what goes on in bedrooms with REVENGE or COLOSSUS painted on the door. As for us, they put us in POLYPHEMUS, the supposedly one-eyed giant out of Homer's Odyssey. The Greek name means 'chatterbox'. Very suitable for a returning blogger


Dave said...


My table-mats are Nelson's ships.

Vicus Scurra said...

I shall give some thought to naming the rooms in my house. It seems a very enterprising idea.
Not sure what my theme ought to be - Mozart symphonies? Novels by Dostoevski? Chinese table tennis players? Letters of the Swahili alphabet? I really can't decide.

Dave said...

Famous Belgians?

Christopher said...

Novels by Dostoevski, definitely, Vicus. Rooms with 'The Idiot', 'The Landlady', 'Crime and Punishment', 'The Dream of a Reasonable Man', 'Poor Folk' on the door - why, you could open your house to the public and leave it eventually to the National Trust.

I've sometimes thought you might be Belgian, Dave.

Z said...

Splendid idea, Vicus. I already have, of course. the Lumbar Room, whilst the one with the Axminster shall be called Tobermory and I think the breakfast room must be renamed Filboid Studge.

Welcome back, Christopher.

Christopher said...

Thank you, Z.

I take it the Lumbar Room is somewhere round the back?

Christopher said...

I've been thinking about your table mats, Dave. If there's beef on the menu, do you eat off MINOTAUR? Or LEVIATHAN if there's fish? (Whale meat again, don't know where, don't know when...) Or AJAX if your guests are looking a bit washed-up?

Dave said...

Research tells me that Nelson served on over 24 ships. Sadly my mat collection shows only a fraction:

and of course, Victory and a general view of Trafalgar

Sarah said...

I have a 'back passage' Christopher, and a so called 'Orifice', which has a computer and a muddle of never worn coats in it.

I went to the National Maritime Museum once and saw an exhibition of Nelson related paintings. It was quite breathtaking.

Christopher said...

Sarah! I never thought to see the day! Come in and make yourself at home...

...but why are the coats never worn? Are the sleeves all tangled together in a sort of sympathetic diverticulitis?

Z said...

It is, and there are spine trees growing outside the window in the occasional garden.

Sympathetic diverticulitis made me snort into my wine glass and now I have stains on my skirt.