Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy 2010!

A few cherries - from tree centre left - from the year that's gone. It wasn't all dire, by any means.

A certain wedding in Cornwall in March. Happy times, even though blustery showery weather put paid to a wedding breakfast of Cornish pasties on the beach.

Performance of my Sounds and Sweet Airs (setting of 12 Shakespeare songs for small choir) in June. Splendid occasion, full house, very proud composer.

First of several terraces completed in a beautiful local stone called Dalle de Madale. (G clef not grown from seed.)

Septic tank emptied.

Blue Kitten visits, checks tuning of piano.

Happy days to everyone who comes here!


zIggI said...

Happy New Year Mr C

Lovely pictures.

Dave said...

And also to you.

I, Like The View said...

may your new year be full of the loveliness that the old one was

and more!


Vicus Scurra said...

In full agreement with the commentators above.
May your septic tank never overflow.

Rog said...

You are a Euro Septic Christopher!

Who's the young chap in the front of the choir?

Geoff said...

Happy New Year, Christopher.

To be really authentic, I always eat my Cornish pasties down a mine.

Z said...

What lovely pictures, thank you.

Our septic tank was last emptied in 1982 and it's still quietly digesting and well under half-full. Wonderful things, I think every home should have one.

Sarah said...

And a very happy new year to you too Christopher x