Sunday, 6 December 2009

Starkadder v. Fraser

This chap is playing Romanian folk-dances in a Montpellier tram. No one is listening. No feet are tapping. No one reacts, except me: I give him 2 euros for allowing me to take his photo.

Copenhagen starts tomorrow. No one will listen. Feet will only tap in frustration. No one will react.

"Ye're all damned!" as Amos Starkadder bawled in Cold Comfort Farm.

"Ye're all doomed!" as Pte Fraser said repeatedly in Dad's Army.

Here's the Place Côme in Montpellier. Look carefully. It's a trompe l'oeil, a beautifully crafted illusion. In reality the entire façade is a blank wall.

I feel very down about the whole wretched business. I can't see any solution other than a mass cull of humanity. Persuade me otherwise, somebody. Cheer me up.


Rog said...

I'm with Pte Fraser. Life is a trompe l'oeil.

But I'm really looking to doing some idiot dancing at Copenhagen.

Dave said...
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Dave said...

Oddly, I was thinking about a solution to this issue, in bed this morning.

As the biggest producers of CO2 per head, if the Americans could be persuaded to stop breeding for a generation, that would solve a lot of the problems.

Then the Chinese.

To play my part, I am going to stop producing any more offspring.

Sarah said...

Loving the trompe l'oeil, can't quite make out where the pavement starts....

Dave...I'm supprised you have the strength to even think about such things.

I'm doing my bit ...I only drink Champagne at weekends now....surely that saves on air miles?

I, Like The View said...

I have this conversation very very frequently with my three (I had to keep going until I produced a girl, that's the excuse)

so often it seems to be a spilt milk and bolted horse situation

but I do remember reading about global warming in New Scientist fifteen years or so ago, when a lot of people still doubted it was a real phenomenon

quite a lot has happened since then

(personally, I think that small scale feudalism is the way to go - but that's probably not hugely appealing to most people, is it)

(ps the second photo reminds me of a couple of the images here)

Geoff said...

All the deniers should be sent to live on the coast of Bangladesh, like the silly Canutes they are.

Christopher said...

Pte Fraser for me, too, Rog...and our friend in the tram can play for the idiot dancing, but they'd never keep to the same rhythm.

A noble gesture, Dave, tho' no more Davettes is a heavy price to pay. I've been thinking today of the very first post I read of yours, some years ago now: it featured an asteroid colliding with the earth and the resulting destruction. (I think that was the first, but the archive might prove me wrong.) Greatly daring - I was a complete neophyte in those days - I added a comment gently chiding you for not being more cheerful. Ha!

Sarah, your selfless sacrifice may save us all. Santé! Salud y pesetas! (This comment is supposed to imitate the opening of a bottle of champagne the PROPER WAY.)

I,LTV: It's gone beyond discussion. The boldest and most universal measures can only result in a slight stay of execution. I think we should all lean your way to live, love and laugh.

Geoff: They'll all come scrambling back to higher ground in NE Kent and the Languedoc when the waters start to rise and the oxygen gives out. Have you serviced your drawbridge recently?.

Z said...

Remind yourself of your own, and our, triviality. We may indeed all be doomed, but will the planet really miss us?

Many of the embracers are as wasteful as the deniers. When our leaders have mass video conferences instead of flying off and all getting together in a luxury hotel, I'll believe they are starting to take it seriously.

As for food aid for hungry babies in countries that can't afford the population it has already, one can argue that it's pointless and stores up more problems for the future. But that doesn't mean we are justified in denying it.

Few of us will actually do anything that really affects our own comfort. I've flown abroad twice this year - all the compost I make, the bike rides I take and the bottles I recycle don't make up for that. And many of our children and grandchildren are full of indignation for us older ones spoiling their world, but they still want all their creature comforts and technical gizmos and gap years and aren't prepared to do what it takes to change things fundamentally either. We're all too human, I don't think we can change.

Canute knew that he couldn't actually stop the tide. He was no more effective than those who set targets that aren't going to be met, "legally binding" or not.

We muddle through as best we can and then we're eaten by worms - it's the same whether we go one by one or all together. Control is an illusion. I don't suppose that cheers you, but it rather does me.

Christopher said...

Z: Thank you. I'm just off to light the barbecue, and then I shall look forward to coming to back to this.

Thanks also for joining the elite list of followers.