Monday, 25 January 2010

Joust a minute...

Far be it from me to set up in competition with Dave's famed Saturday Sporting Prints series (clearly this is the close field set for him batting), so please don't think that. I bought the postcard above in Montpellier, our nearest large city, in a card shop so crammed to bursting with cards of every description that they explode outwards on to the narrow pedestrianised street and cause significant pedestrian traffic jams.

I bought it not merely out of a craven taste for the whimsical but because this was a French card, taken by a French photographer on behalf of a French postcard company for sale in France. This must say something about the French take on everyday life in the UK.

The multitude of armorial geographers who drop in here will place the scene immediately. All I can say is that once J. and I stayed there having foolishly mistaken a town centre hotel for one in the same chain by the airport. When we went out to view the civic amenities we were so horrified by the extent of fresh blood on the pavements that we scuttled back to the hotel. Perhaps we should have worn armour too.


Dave said...

Is it Luton? I had to live there for 2 years.

Z said...

I'm quite impressed that the French photographer happened upon Luton while Dave was there.

I, Like The View said...

I think it's the Monty Python boys, off for a quick cuppa

they like Monty Python in France

word ver: nuance

Rog said...

It's the "Knights of the Round About". Sir Galahad, St Albans and Sir Kit O'Bypass.

Christopher said...

HAD to live there? Whatever had you done?

Yes, it is Luton, Dave, but I only worked it out from the road signs.

I think Dave is second from the left, Z, but it seems he has forgotten to put his habergeon and tassets on. This could have grave consequences and you might find him unexpectedly in the next bed, moaning piteously.

Dave said...

I worked it out from the road signs too.

I had to live there as it was my first posting after college. We moved to classy Dunstable after 2 years.

Vicus Scurra said...

These gentlemen remind me of the chap who had the temerity to call at my house today soliciting support for the Conservative party. He was armoured too, but failed to prevent my sharp tongue from delivering some telling thrusts.

Sarah said...

I've never been to Luton

Christopher said...

I: You may well be right. Some of them would need straws, though, by the look of their visors.

Rog: Thank you for your very great delicacy in not compromising the chasteness of this blog by identifying the Knight of the Round About who wrote pornographic verses.

Vicus: Well, there are chinks everywhere these days.

Sarah: Ain't no disput'n:
You ain't never been to ______

Dave: Was it to evade the long arm of the constable
That you found it expedient to move to _________?

(Fill in as appropriate)

Sarah said...

Tooting (Bec) ?

Christopher said...

Really? I've always taken you for such a cosmopolitan girl.

Great photo. Love the earrings. Less sure about the gasper.

Sarah said...

I did live in London for 15 years but never felt the urge to go south of the river.

Only the other day I was told this pic is what I'm like on the inside...! Hmmm