Sunday, 4 April 2010

Bum steer

I mentioned a carload of witches interfering with the traffic the other day.

Here's something in similar vein. It's not me driving (nor is J. the passenger) and I'm sorry about the zany laughter at the end.


Happy Easter, everyone.


I, Like The View said...

oh, that's brilliant!!

sometimes the simplest things are the best

happy easter, Christopher and Company. . .

. . .hope your day is full of CF&N


(not you or J., but is that your car?)

Dave said...

The original steering wheel was on the wrong side anyway.

Z said...

Good idea. I'll try it next April 1st and let you know what happens.

Vicus Scurra said...

Yes, please try to avoid laughter. It never did any of us any good.

Christopher said...

I: Yes, that's our new car. We lent it to the kids for the day. What they get up to! You're so lucky with your mighty handful.

Dave: The image may have come out reversed, of course. Best check the number plate for dextrosinistrism.

Z: I don't know, always this cliff-edge urge to live dangerously.

Vicus: I'm for ho-homeopathy myself.

Sarah said...

Here I am!

Christopher said...

Why, Sarah, so you are. And I'm very happy to award you Lydian Airs' GOLD MEDAL for Economy of Comment.

(What bears? Your forebears? Or did you mean bairns chez Dave? (Doesn't quite ring true, that.) They come up through the cracks in the paving stones, did you know?)

Sarah said...

Picnicing in the woods!

I wish you would get yourself on FB, I feel as if I'm going round in're missing all the fun you know!

Christopher said...

Their mummies and daddies must have come early for them - it's nothing like 6 o'clock yet UK time.