Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Hilbrë, Stopper Lane and Creme Eggs

We're on the move again, courtesy of Mr Ryanair. At least, for the outward journey. The return in about a week will be courtesy of Mr Rianayr. I never thought of this when I was writing about palindromes last autumn.

There are clues to where we're going in the photos.

We're going to see my mother for an interim visit before her 100th birthday celebrations in December. Apparently you don't automatically receive a telegram of congratulations from the Queen these days. You have to apply for it, I expect enclosing your birth certificate.

Her birth certificate will reveal that her middle name is Hilbrë, not that there's any secret about it. She was so named after a sandbank, or maybe a low-lying island, just off the Wirral, which was a favourite place of her parents. I've never been there.

Yesterday a cousin brought me from Silverdale, in Cumbria, the Methodist Hymn Book which had belonged to my paternal grandfather, a man I never knew. (At least, he wrote his name inside it, over the previous owner's name, which you can just make out as 'D.East 1915') It has a hymn-tune in it called Rimington, which was written by his uncle, so my great-great uncle. This tune, to the words of Jesus shall reign, where'er the sun, was sung at a Lancashire Fusiliers drumhead service after the capture of Jerusalem in 1918.

This great-great-uncle also wrote a hymn-tune called Stopper Lane. He was inordinately fond of the dominant 9th. Musicians will know what this is. It's the harmonic equivalent of Cadbury's Creme Eggs.


Dave said...

I ahve previously supplied you with details of the place-names associated with these hymn tunes, so shall not repeat myself.

Looking at the first photo, Iassume you're on your way to Skegness (very bracing), but the second photo doesn't look like the Lincolnshire I knew and loved. I see it's entitled 'wildlife', a subject which appears to be singularly lacking from the photo - although on examination of the enlarged version, there does appear to be a tortoise in the foreground.

I conclude Morocco is your destination.

Rog said...

Thank goodness her parents weren't on this coast. "Dogger" wouldn't have had the same kudos.

BTW I've solved your mystery Blog Title anagram after months of work.

"Amidst AA frilly pension"

Do I get a prize?

By the way, here's a tip. Beware of any fellow passengers not saying much

Vicus Scurra said...

Palindrome sanity fails.
Faintly paranoid smiles.
Infidelity, or anal spasm.
Indianapolis fly master.
Plainly Satan's modifier.
Finally praise saintdom.
on a musical theme:
Find an altissimo player.
But the only one to be vaguely appropriate:
Safety-pin in armadillos.

And, no, I don't have anything better to do, thank you very much.

ziGGi said...

they're not nice to their donkeys there :(

and surprisingly I (used to) know what a dominant 9th is - this is because my daughters had to do grade 5 theory in order to progress onwards on their chosen instruments and I did it as well 'for fun' ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... not.

Geoff said...

You're going to Drummer Dairies in the Highlands.

Christopher said...

Dave: I know. I hadn't forgotten. Thank you again. I just like the name 'Stopper Lane'. As for the 'wildlife photo', it was something an antique dealer friend sent by email shortly before our wedding. It came in a format so large I thought it was a timely reference to our wedding cake.

Rog: Yes, you win prize - a week with all found at Mr Scurra's Residential Anagram Seminar. Make your own bed. (Don't worry about this - Dave's pretty handy with carpentry and upholstery.)

Sarah: There may have been some slight but radical misconception here, and it's possible you have been cruelly misled* by the Man of the Cloth. I'll do my best for you, as always, but I may have a problem finding the souk in Nairn. Can you advise?

*Misled pron. 'miss lead' and not 'mizzled'. I wouldn't like to think you'd been...

Vicus: Pretty impressive. All your own work, or have you been attending Mr Peacock's Residential Anagram Seminar?

Zigs: Not too many donkeys in Nairn, Zigs, so please don't worry too much. And as for the dominant 9th, that's so impressive that I'd like to award you a prize: are you fond of anagrams?

Geoff: Drummer Dairies? Camel House too. Ho ho.

I, Like The View said...

for some reason I've been humming "eggs, bacon, toast and beans" all day long to the tune of "heads, shoulders, knees and toes" but I don't think that is relevant. . .

. . .unless there's a dominant 9th in it somewhere

I, Like The View said...

oh, and I don't know what all this chat about amagrams is, but how about this one:

piano laments fairy's idyll?

Christopher said...

Jax (don't mind, do you?), that's brilliant! Not only do you win first prize of two weeks at Mr Scurra's Anagram Seminar, you get to SIT IN THE FRONT ROW.

I don't think any single note of Eggs and Bacon etc could be harmonised with a dominant 9th. Dominant 7th, yes, but not 9th. I just want to set your mind at rest.

I, Like The View said...

Jax is fine!

rather than in the front row, may I sit on his lap please?

Christopher said...

For a whole fortnight?

ziGGi said...

the thing about not being able to spell is that NO I DON"T DO ANANANANANGRAMS :) or cooking as it happens.

Christopher said...

Well then I'm terribly afraid you won't get to sit on Vicus' lap, Zigs.

ziGGi said...

I don't think there's anything to fear, and I am quite prepared to let Jax have the whole seat. There are other laps available, one assumes, for the sitting on, and hopefully not too frightening?

I could do you a list?

Christopher said...

Please. I think interested parties should know. That's to say unless you mean 'list' as in 'list to port/starboard' if your balance is still occasionally a little uncertain?

Sarah said...

Since when did you get camels in Scotland? a cruel deception indeed.

Christopher said...

No, no, Sarah, I was just trying to suggest our nomadic, here-today-gone-tomorrow tendencies at the moment. How can I make amends?

ziGGi said...

actually Chrisssss half way down a rather nice rioja and a little brahms and liszt to be sure but who cares when you can lie down? :)

ps tell you what these WV are hard to do from this position - about to attempt no 4 ... if it doesn't work you won't get this!