Monday, 14 June 2010

Adeste, Fido

Here you are. I wouldn't like any of you to feel that you hadn't been invited.

And here's a rough translation, not that many of you need it:

Les Jeudistes (= 'Thursday people')

(Multi-national vocal group)

are honoured to invite


to the first performance of

"The Imitation of Our Lady the Moon"

(Cantata in 10 movements to words by Jules Laforgue)

a work composed by their director


accompanied by the Thalia string quartet

as part of the Concert by the Friends of the Musical Association of the Valleys of the Jaur and the Orb

at the Priory of St Julien (34*) Friday, July 2nd at 8.45pm

collection to defray expenses

We're almost ready. We've been rehearsing since September, on and off, and we're into the final straight. On Wednesday J. and I are going to Toulouse to meet Amandine, Sonia, Clémentine and Oriane. They're the quartet. They call themselves 'Thalia' after one of the Muses. Great excitement, particularly as I've only heard the music I've written for them in my head and as a rough computer simulation. I'm particularly looking forward to hearing in the flesh a funeral march that gradually transforms itself into a can-can.

* 34 indicates the Hérault département (= something like a county), right down in the Deep South.

* * *

However, if you don't think you can make it on July 2nd, please don't feel deprived. Here's something to console yourself with. M. Hector very kindly sent it to me. I'm sending it on with very best wishes for Oz and Lil. I believe Lil makes a brief guest appearance.


I, Like The View said...

(I thought that the little fluffy dog was going to find itself on the slingshot machine for a minute there!)

what I don't understand is why the translation of oeuf compose par le chef doesn't have anything to do with an egg and a cook

or perhaps the screen on this netbook really is too small?

Dave said...


Oddly, I too was going to ask whether the work had something to do with eggs, as it appeared to have been made by a chef. Mind you, I too am trying to read this on a small screen.

Rog said...

We'll be there in spirit Christoff!

Lil is in awe of Jerry and his contraption but Oz is a bit more suspicious likening the procedure a little too much to "work".

Vendredi is Friday though...shouldn't it be on Donnerstag?

Sarah said...

Is the music anything like KT Tunstall??

WKD vid !

Christopher said...

Sarah: Haven't heard for such a long time - thought you'd been captured and enslaved by 'Pasha Selim' in Libya, entrusted to shiny Nubian eunuchs led by the rascally Osmin and were only cheating post-coital execution by telling Sheherezade cliff-hangers every night until the Long Range Desert Patrol of me and Dave and Rog and Uncle Vicus pulled off a daring rescue stunt for which we received the MBE and were invited to open a new Tesco's on Lundy...

...welcome back! KT Tunstall? Well, sort of, but only sort of. I don't use ostinati very much. Had you hoped that it would?

Christopher said...

Non-vegetarian reply:

Jax: Thursday nights (i.e. rehearsal nights) here are often marked by scrambled egg because it's quick and doesn't lie heavily on the vocal chords, unlike foie gras and spotted dick. Maybe there's some sort of subliminal force at work here?

Vegetarian reply (we must all respect Vicus' sensibilities):

Dave: Thurs nights (i.e. rehearsal nights) here are often marked by scrambled egg because it's quick and doesn't lie heavily on the vocal chords, unlike borscht and spotted dick. Maybe there's some sort of subliminal force at work here?

Rog: You think singing on a Friday instead of a Thursday might upset the hebdomadal balance? H'm. You may be right. I may have to rethink. What would K T Tunstall think about it?

Dave said...

People will not believe this, but I actually own a KT Tunstall CD. I don't seem to have anything by you though, Chris. Other than your book, of course.

Christopher said...

Well this is impressive, Dave, particularly in view of your supposed ignorance of popular culture. (Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Askelon, but I had to look up Ms Tunstall on Sarah's mention of her.)

A CD is to be made of my new work. I shall be very happy to send you a copy (won't be just yet) which you can keep next to FL. Or CDs make very effective bird-scarers - not necessarily what's on them, but suspended above rows of e.g. peas to flash in the sun. The sun has to be shining, of course.

Vicus Scurra said...

I went to Tunstall once.

Sarah said...


Christopher said...

Vicus: Thank you. As always, a very pertinent contribution to the ongoing debate. I should have mentioned in my report about our being awarded the MBE that at the subsequent investiture you politely refused the decoration but asked if you might have a piece of seedcake instead.

Sarah: You see we haven't improved during your absence.

Z said...

I was quite disappointed when I discovered that what I thought was a video of the cantata was a video of a dog, until I watched it. Now, it just wants to be set to music.

Okay, indeed.

mig said...

I really want to get one of those wonderful dog toys for my daughter's spaniel. I could almost enjoy dog-sitting if she had one.

Fabulous, to be about to hear your music in real life!