Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Not to be thrown in the public road

Posters are up, final rehearsal schedules are out, programmes are printed, recording engineers are prepared, local wine producer retained (for post-concert verre d'amitiƩ, glass of friendship), everything's ready.

My batons have been sharpened for some time.

For those who can't, won't, shan't, don't etc. I've Little Else to offer you (i.e. the young Lil, sometimes to be seen here) and her friend (who I believe has been seen here) starring in this bagatelle I've posted for your amusement and I hope you haven't seen it too often before because I find that on the nth showing you begin to feel great surges of sympathy for the intruders.

(How did they get in, you may wonder? Why, intruder window, of course.)


Obscure, that title? If you embiggenize (© Dave) the poster the bottom line reads Ne pas jeter dans la voie publique, Not to be thrown in the public road. Don't ask why. All posters, handbills, etc. carry this injunction. Bizarre.


Dave said...

Are those subtitles Dutch?

When you mentioned bagatelle, I immediately fancied a nice fresh one, with some apricot jam.

Them I realsied that's not what a bagatelle is. It's a kind of pinball, isn't it?

Christopher said...

Yes, I believe they are Dutch. I don't know why this should be. For the benefit of the Dutch who shop at Sainsbury's, maybe?

Pinball with apricot jam. What quaint old Norfolk customs you have. I must tell Cynthia (no mean gourmet) about this.

Vicus Scurra said...

Pls not to encourage the padre with his "quaint old Norfolk customs". There has already been talk of his parading around in shorts already this morning, and some of us are yet to breakfast.
Is the ban only on "throwing"? What if one were to arrange them neatly, in an artistic mosaic? Or to place them in piles. I think that we should be told.

Rog said...

Wonderful! I tried to get Oz to attempt domething similar but he kept moaning about an equity card.

Z said...

Maybe Oz was put off by the thought of high-fiving a cat?