Sunday, 8 August 2010

Entente Chordiale

Dedicated followers of Lydian Airs (probably me alone) may remember me taking my small choir Les Jeudistes (red and black in the photo above) on our World Tour of Kent and Sussex in May 2008. Abiding memories of this tour are:

*Bluebell woods

*Beers tasting of something, unlike anything available in France

*Unbroken sun from dawn till dusk

*Mysterious ceremonies of cricket on village greens

*Zebra crossings with stop request buttons at equestrian height

*Seeing Boris Johnson in Northumberland Avenue and NOT KNOWING WHO HE WAS

*Overall impression of the English as being universally kindly, wealthy, generous, warm-hearted, francophile, god-fearing folk deeply committed to classical music, striped lawns, rhododendrons and driving on the wrong side of the road.

We invited our hosts, mainly from Sevenoaks, to return our call. They came, not entirely at full strength, last weekend. We sang several things together, including the Cachucha from The Gondoliers. If you believe the version below is what we performed - do watch through to the end - you maybe ought to see a specialist in credulity.


Dave said...

I've always found this to be one of the few G&S songs where I can't catch the words.

I can just imagine you tossing a rag doll around the dance floor though.

Charlene said...

It would seem a lovely time was had by all! What more can you hope for.

dinahmow said...

Marvellous start to my day!

And now, I have a question for you. This

is one amusing story from a book (I think a compilation by several writers)I used to have. In it were also the tale of the chap who asked Verdi to refund his expenses because he didn't like "Aida" and several other delights in similar vein.

The sort of book, I thought, that you would have within easy reach.

The word miscellany may be in the title.

Even if you don't know of the book, do read the linked review.

Rog said...

I've been to dances like that at the Pavilion Ballroom in Gillingham. Slightly less coordinated I seem to remember.

mig said...

If you bring Les Jeudistes to England again would you please come to Berkshire and do it again, with sound? (my speakers have stopped working and although it was a wonderful silent movie, I feel there was something lacking)
We can offer you beer and bluebell woods and if you're very lucky, Morris dancing.