Saturday, 28 August 2010

Quiz to match Rog's in non-Googleability

Where is it?

...and in other news I've become a grandfather again. At my age. Imagine.

UPDATE: Now you've got me wondering. The photo above was taken in 2008 by Barbara, who despite speaking excellent English had never been to the UK. Barbara sings alto with my small choir, and when we went on tour in Kent and Sussex a couple of years ago she was as excited about her first visit to the UK as she was about her first ever flight, by easyJet Montpellier - Gatwick. She was anxious to capture her first glimpse of the English coast as seen from 20,000 feet, and this is it. J. and I weren't on that flight, as we drove up as the group's roadies a couple of days before with heavy luggage and music stands, etc., so I don't know details of the flight path.

I thought it was Selsey Bill, but it doesn't match up entirely convincingly with the map. St Catherine's Point? Bembridge? I don't know. What do you think?

More to the point, in these circumstances anyone who gave any answer, even Sarah, wins a bottle of champagne on condition that you come and collect it personally within the next half-hour. Later than that I will have gone for my siesta and the prize will be forfeit. Or I will have wet the baby's head with it.

Thanks for your congratulations. Much appreciated!


dinahmow said...

Well, knowing where you live and where the Blue Cat outstanding deductive powers place you at 30,000 feet somewhere between southern France and Western Cornwall.
What? You want me to pin point it? With proper navigators' co ordinates?
No! I'm sipping champagne. Plot your own chart, mate!
Congrats to all involved!

Dave said...

It's the window of Row 36, seat A.


Geoff said...

Isle of Wight. It's always the Isle of Wight on the way to Gatwick!

I, Like The View said...

congrats to the new arrival and parents and grandparents!



Tim Footman said...

It's on my computer.

Congratulations. Someone else to vomit on your cardigan.

Vicus Scurra said...

Despite the happy news, I am saddened by the fact that Dave gave the answer that I was going to give. Although I would have said row 27, which is intrinsically more amusing.

Richard said...

Is that Lagos? The Portuguese one. Additional congratulations.

patroclus said...

It looks like the Isle of Wight to me.

Sarah said...


Congrats Grandad

Christopher said...

DM: Hope your champagne was as good as your deduction!

Dave: Ho ho. Thanks.

Geoff: Almost

Jax: Thanks. Falmouth? Almost.

Tim: Ho ho. Thanks.

Vicus: Thanks. Ho ho.

Richard: Good to see you. Don't see you often enough. Lagos? Almost. Thanks.

Patroclus: Almost

Sah: Did you mean Dunnett Head, near John o'Groats? Almost. Thanks.

Richard said...

Ah, into Gatwick. You're over Bexhill, looking towards Eastbourne and Beachy Head and Birling Gap round the corner. The harbour in the foreground is Pevensey. I really ought to know having grown up roughly 20 miles to the east of the plane.

Christopher said...

Richard: experto crede. Isn't it good to be able to give an absolutely incontrovertibly correct answer? Thank you.

Sarah said...

Blimey did i miss the champers...bugger...what's the forfeit?

Z said...

This has only just come up in my feedreader so I'm awfully late to send congratulations. But here they are anyway, with very best wishes to all the family.

It would be more remarkable, surely, had you become a grandfather in your thirties. Or twenties, indeed. Or a father now, perhaps - though it has been done, of course.

Z said...

Of course, you could have meant at your incredibly young age, and I have dreadfully insulted you. Oh dear. Sorry.

Christopher said...

Sah: Forfeit is about 48". Ask Rog.

Z: Thank you, thank you. I read between the lines. Dave tells me you can do no wrong, and that you are a model of tact and propriety (I think he said 'propriety' and not 'sobriety' - at my age one tends to become a little hard of hearing) and of course I believe him.

Z said...

Dave said that? Either his tongue was inserted cheekwards or else I've impressed him more than I knew. I am quite sure, however, that he would never accuse me of sobriety, on principle.

mig said...

Ooh congratulations Christopher! Ad to all the family. Sorry I'm late but wonderful news anyway.

Christopher said...

Actually, Z, it was something like 'Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety' now I come to think of it.

mig, thank you. You know what it's like!

Spadoman said...

Sorry I'm late to this party, but when I first arrived at this post, I thought it a photo from far above of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Sorry. No hard feelings even though BP was the culprit. (I jest)
There is a game played on a motorcycle forum I belong to. A member posts a photo of himself with his bike at a building, sign or landmark and the others guess where it is. Not only that, they ride there on their motorcycles and have a picture taken of them with their own bike at the same place. The prize is bragging rights.

Peace to all.