Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Boult upright

A few weeks ago, through a combination of over-energetic conducting, jumping down metre-high banks laden with stones and contorting myself to make sure the last of a huge crop of blackberries didn't escape my clutch, I damaged my back, right hip, thigh, knee, calf, shin, ankle, instep and all stations beyond.

Nobody did much good until I went to see Pierre Castan, a local osteopath widely known for his healing powers. I have known him slightly for years as an accordionist but more particularly as a fellow choir conductor. He put everything back where it belonged, discs and even my liver, and although the pain persists the causes of it are very much better and I don't feel quite so suicidal any more.

But this remarkable man is blind. He's not the first blind healer I've heard of. What extra power does blindness give?

Pierre also advised me to conduct not from the pelvis, as I usually do, but standing bolt upright. Visual joke follows, ho-ho.

J. and I are going away for the best part of three weeks. I don't know how much driving I shall be able to do. Probably very little. More persiflage from Lydian Acres in early October. Have fun!


Dave said...

I will organise a runner for you on Saturday.

Enjoy your break.

Vicus Scurra said...

I done a lol at Adrian. I am intrigued by the osteopath and accordionist. Does he use the same technique in both practices?

Sarah said...
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Rog said...

Bolt upright like a Sargeant?

Hope you're back soon and back better.

Z said...

Ooh darling, how painful. I'm so sorry you've been in such pain. I hope the travelling goes well, that you have a lovely time (presuming you're going to meet your new grandson?) and, if you're anywhere in the Norfolk/Suffolk border direction at any time, that you will come here and be fed cake.

mig said...

I hope the pain stops persisting soon.
And do take lots of back support if you're being driven! Or driving.
And you have fun too.
I shall look forward to the return of the persiflage - such a nice word : )

Spadoman said...

Get well soon!