Sunday, 19 September 2010

No Full English for you, then.

We've had to call off our UK trip because I'm too ill to make it. Thanks for all your good wishes so far.

It's illuminating to discover what hotels, ferries, tunnels etc. do with bookings when you're obliged to cancel them. By no means all bad news.

Meanwhile here is a photo in which you may consider secrets of the universe are concealed.


Rog said...

I do hope the cat isn't being sick in the picture!

Come on Christopher let's all wish you are feeling bryter layter.

Dave said...

I am wearing a pair of slippers just like that.

*checks to see no cat has been ill inside them*

Get well soon. Hope yesterday's match cheered you up a little.

Vicus Scurra said...

Sorry to hear you are unwell. A trip to North East Hampshire would put you right.

Charlene said...

I sure hope you are recovering. It is possible to be entertained endlessly by a cat. My cat Felice loves to smell and lick shoes. So far no chewing!

Sarah said...

Hey Dave's got some slippers like that. Perhaps Rog should get some as he's nearly 70.

Hope you feel better soon

Rog said...

Just because I look 70 doesn't mean I am 70.

We used to have "Slipper Baths" in Gravesend. I imagine the oldies used to take their slippers down there for a good clean.

Z said...

Get well soon, darling.

Spadoman said...

I've stayed away because you said you were leaving. So sorry to hear you are ill. Get wekll soon!
Now I'll scroll up and read more about this Chaucer fellow.

Peace, (and good health)

mig said...

I'm thinking the cat might have hidden something nice in the slipper for you. A fresh mouse or perhaps the tastiest bits of a sparrow.