Thursday, 4 November 2010

Greenery-yallery gallery

Someone (was it SB?) observed over at the Davery that this year's autumn colours were the most spectacular since 2003.

Ours aren't bad, either.

There's some equally colourful stuff at the Miggery, too.

You wouldn't get this in Godthåb, now, would you?


english inukshuk said...

all very impressive! autumn can be so spectacular


Dave said...

I thought you were away?

Rog said...

You and Dave are very pleased with your pictures but remember - pride comes after the fall.

Christopher said...

I: Aye.

Soon, Dave, soon.

Rog: Thanks for this timely warning. Humble pie to fill the belly or tum.

Charlene said...

Those are beautiful pictures.

Our fall in Louisviile, KY has been brown and dry. I'm glad someone gets to see beautiful leaves dying.

Z said...

Have a lovely holiday, Chris darling. Hope your back is much better.

Geoff said...

Well, it's not the Garden of England! If only it were.

letouttoplay said...

I think your colours are enhanced by the ethereal backdrop.
(Oh and thank you, my upload space will run out eventually and and I've been wondering about a name for a new one!)

letouttoplay said...

A new blog that is. I notice that you've got that new open ID thing which means my blog name appears instead of my name. It's still me though.