Sunday, 26 December 2010

Liverish? Splenetic? Bilious? Gall-bladdered?

Here are some definitions from Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary, first published in 1906 as The Cynic's Word Book.

All you have to do is match the definition with the picture.

a. Once too often
b. The first and direst of all disasters. As to the nature of it there appears to be no uniformity. Castor and Pollux were born from the egg. Pallas came out of a skull. Galatea was once a block of stone. Peresilis, who wrote in the tenth century, avers that he grew up out of the ground where a priest had spilled holy water. It is known that Arimaxus was derived from a hole in the earth, made by a stroke of lightning. Leucomedon was the son of a cavern in Mount Aetna, and I have myself seen a man come out of a wine cellar
c. A prestidigator who, putting metal into your mouth, pulls coins out of your pocket

d. The feeling that one has for the plate after one has eaten its contents

e. One who in a perilous emergency thinks with his legs


f. A person who talks when you wish him/her to listen

g. A popular entertainment given by the military for the benefit of innocent bystanders

In line with the instruction given to male royalty at receptions, etc, especially when greeting female guests, DON'T LOOK DOWN

1g 2c 3e 4f 5a 6d 7b, but you got them all, didn't you, even without ringing Dave?


Rog said...

Very good Christopher - reminded me of the Two Ronnies sketch featuring answering the next question. I got the dentist.
We're still waiting for No 7 which is Grandchild no 7 - should have arrived any sec.
Bonne Tide de Yule!

Christopher said...

7! That makes you a patriarch at the very least and you will have to let your beard grow longer, so that all 7 can swing on it together.

Hope the waiting isn't too agonised for all concerned.

Z said...

I was wrong in every case! I'm still merry from Christmas!!

Isn't being a grandparent the best thing ever, by the way? It's what one becomes a parent for!!(!)

english inukshuk said...

I thought your title was referring to my Christmas dinner!!!



Christopher said...

Oh Snowy Z, have you bon at the beetle again?

(Quite agree about grandchildren!)

I: You mean you had various offals, lights, sweetbreads, etc.? I would have thought a cook of your kidney wouldn't have had the gall to deliver anything but roast turkey with all the trimmings.

Spadoman said...

As usual, I couldn't figure out any of them, except I thought at first the guy with the cigarette might be Edward R. Murrow. Then, I picked him as the dentist since the dentists definition was beneath his photo.
Glad there wasn't a prize for the most right answers, I'd have gotten nothing.


letouttoplay said...

Well I did get them all. (what is the 'once too often' by the way?)
I had a bit trouble working out how to say so without looking down. I suppose that was the real test. Eventually I got round it by looking sideways and scrolling down very fast.
I like the photo of your village in the snow.

Sarah said...

Couldn't be arsed..sorry.

hope you all had a good Christmas

Christopher said...

Spadoman: I think it was noble of you even to contemplate having a shot at it.

Mig: Well done. The actual definees were: Riot Dentist Coward Bore Twice (couldn't find anything to illustrate it except those two revolting cheesy potato things yuk) Satiety Birth.

Sah: I think it was noble of you even to contemplate having a shot at it.

Z said...

I was just happy. That's what I'm like when I'm happy. And sober.

Feeling a bit cast down now.

Christopher said...

Oh dear. I'm sorry. (That you're a bit cast down now.) Perhaps you're just recharging your festive accumulators for Hogmanay?