Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mikoyan and Gurevich

Exciting, positive, Patroclus-led developments in the quest for how to spoon audio files into Lydian Airs posts will shortly be taking effect.

Meanwhile here is something that I found while browsing through the history of the cigarette, trying to discover whether Woodbines and Park Drive were the same cigarette, the former marketed in the south, the latter in the north of England. This essay into ultra-sophisticated marketing - think Silk Cut, think Strand - may keep readers diverted for a second or two, especially this one.

Happy weekend.


Spadoman said...

What timing. If you go to my current post, the Friday one called Long Distance Driver, you'll see that I posted an audio file of my own making. It is embedded in the title of the post. You do have to read the post to find out that you're suppose to click on the title to hear it. (Well, you don't. I just told you just now I did). ((I am such a blog whore))
Anyway, it is our own recording from the late 1970's of the band I played in and we're doing a song I wrote. The lyrics are in the body of the post.
As far as that "picture" of the fags, I couldn't help but notice the Union Jack. You know I ride motorycycles. I now have two Triumph motorcycles. I'm looking for a small Union Jack decal to place on my newest one. Maybe an embroidered patch for the jacket sleeve of my leather jacket as well. Love the Brit bikes. (Do the French make one? I mean, Ducati and Moto Guzzi and all, Italians reign supreme).
We called cigarettes fags when I was younger, much younger. Don't know why, but we did. Do some research, will you? Find out about that name for smokes.


Dave said...

I have no interest in fags.

Rog said...

As a former sophisticated user of both Park Drive & Woodbine (particularly when they were sold in packets of 5) I can confirm that they were both freely available in North Kent from the non-smoking tobacco baron of 3a Dave (Grouty) East.

Rosie said...

I was a No.6 student and then a un-x-2 smoker, followed by Fortunas. I gave up four years ago...sigh.

Christopher said...

Yes, I was wondering about 'fags' for US readers, but thought I would assume a mantle of innocence.

Is there no end to your talents, Spadoman?

Is there no end to your talents, Dave?

Rog: I can imagine. I mean, one look at Dave and you know he's the gaffer, don't you?

Rosie: And you still feel the pangs of separation?

Christopher said...

Spadoman, there's so much in your comment that I'll need to come back to it later. We're just going our to dinner and if I can see straight on our return I'll type you a trope or two. If not, prepare for some very individual spellings.

Tim said...

When you and your people have found out how to post audio directly onto a blog, do let my people know. I suspect, after a good forty five minutes' research, that it's not possible. You have to go via a podcast, whatever that is, which points you to a website such as acidplanent (where the data actually resides). So you can't directly upload it, like you can a picture. So you might as well just copy the link to wherever the file really is.
Anyway, it was more fun than watching the Lottery results.

Z said...

It still works on Google reader, though.

I still remember the Strand advertisement after several decades, although it never tempted me to smoke. I wonder if that makes it a successful ad or not?

patroclus said...

Tim: Finding a way to post audio directly on to a blog was more difficult than I thought it was going to be. On Twitter most people recommended Soundcloud, but it turns out you have to pay for the premium version to get the embedded player. But Audioboo does it brilliantly and for free, as my dad will no doubt shortly demonstrate.

Christopher said...

Spadoman: Too far gone last night to reply fully when we got in. 1. Can't help with those cigarettes (the French say 'clope' for 'fag': I sometimes use the First World War slang 'gasper') and the person who MIGht help isn't out of bed yet. 2. It's not too late, surely, for The Dump and Shortcake Band to look far into the future? 3. I really enjoyed the Long Distance Triumph post and look forward to reading about Long Distance Test Drive on it.

Z: I smoked Strand once. They were the only cigs. on sale at a sort of educational holiday camp I worked at occasionally. It was true, I was never alone.

Tim: My people seem to have found something the budgie pecks at/the gorilla scratches at/the wife turns her head to see, as you see. You may wish to pass this on to your staff.

Patroclus: Inexpressible admiration at your deft and deep-knowledged technical wizardry and je ne sais quoi, which certainly did not come from me.

letouttoplay said...

At first I thought there was some error but knowing how rarely errors appear here, I persevered.
I was diverted.
Meanwhile, getting very excited about the Patroclus developments. (which incidentally led to a long and enthusiastic conversation in the pub this evening about blogs from the past- Thursday sends regards)

Christopher said...

Mig: Diversion noted, thank you. (Tho' I hoped there might be a flame of elucidation directed to Berkshire fags.)

Erm...terribly sorry, Thursday seems a long time ago: could I have a clue?

letouttoplay said...

Oh sorry, Thursday used to visit Quinquireme a lot - the regards were for Patroclus :)
I haven't actually encountered Berkshire Fags. They can't be mine because I don't keep them in such a natty and patriotic container. (However, I did find Russian fagots.)

Christopher said...

Passing on of Thursday's regards this morning at breakfast interrupted by small person at kitchen door pretending to be a goat, but mission eventually seen through to completion.

Mild relief about Berkshire Fags. The only Google mention of them describes them as 'British made and the cheapest on the market'.