Friday, 29 July 2011

Dew est mon droit

If only it would rain. Good, day-long gardener's rain. I've had to water every evening, bar two hallowed, heaven-sent occasions, since May 22nd. Not just flowers, shrubs and vegetables, but three of our more delicate trees as well. I've abandoned watering what passes for a lawn.

This morning J., looking out of the window at the parched dwine, said 'I'm fed up with summer. I'm really looking forward to the autumn'. And we've got all August to go yet, with no rain forecast.

The morning dew, such a friend to gardeners, packed up weeks ago. Which takes me naturally to Encyclopedia Britannica, fourth edition (1816):

Alleged Virtues of Dew

The dew of heaven has always been regarded as a fluid of the purest and most translucid nature.


...the people of remote antiquity fancied that external application of dew had some virtue in correcting any disposition to corpulence. The ladies of those days, anxious to preserve their fine forms, procured this celestial wash, by exposing clothes or fleeces of wool to the humifaction of the night. It was likewise imagined, that grasshoppers feed wholly on dew, and owe their lean features perhaps to such spare diet.

So, ladies, if you're concerned about your fine forms, here's your answer. Go and roll in the dew.

I can only finish by bidding you A dew, dear friends.


Martin H. said...

My grandmother took to walking, barefoot, in the dew, until her late 80s. She swore it was good for her rheumatism. I swore that it probably aggravated it.

Rog said...

I sometimes feel a bit dew-ish.

"Oy Vay", I say.

That seems to do the trick.

Tim said...

For some reason (probably because my brain is attempting to exit my head at the moment), I'm reminded of James Thurber's quip about the 1948 presidential election, between Thomas Dewey and Harry S Truman. Dewey is famous for his observation that 'You know that your future is still ahead of you', and Thurber aptly encapsulated his campaign as 'The Dewey Dewey Fog.'

Friko said...

you didn't say, bare or clothed?

Sarah said...

My Mother used to bang on about putting dew on your face does that work then? and why hasnt Lancome bottled it?

Dave said...

I like the word humifaction. I shall try to slip it in to my blog whenever I can.

Christopher said...

Martin: I'm afraid I know of no research into the effect of dew on the feet of Zimmer frames.

Rog: For those anxious to lose weight by the dewish method, I'm sure you must have, tucked away in your garage somewhere, an Oy-vaying machine?

Tim: Ho ho. Sorry about the brain. At least you have one.

Friko. I know. Such slipshod thinking. I should have asked Tim to vet it.

Sah: I think you dabble your fingers in the dew and apply it ten times to the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, etc. This is called the Dewey Decimal System.

Dave: Quite right. And your garden, if photographic evidence is to be believed, is far from being a dwine.