Saturday, 23 July 2011

Eden Tate Gallery

Yes, I'm afraid I won't be biting anyone to death just at the moment. I don't have any teeth. Well, I've got a quite a lot, but not the sort of incisors and canines you need to take on a couple of sabre-toothed tigers before breakfast with. And win.

Recently M. Tanguy the village locum dentist put in a couple of pre-molar crowns, with the result that the plate I've worn since I lost some front teeth in a flawed exercise in inebriate pugilism when I was a student, didn't fit any more. So while I wait for a new one I'm obliged to revise and extend my intimacy with soups.

Here is a list of the soups the splendid J. has fashioned for me:

Brown Windsor
Ale and Coracle
Gappo Root
Consommé Beauharnais
Carrot and Coriander
Leek and Bovril
Imperial Game
Iced Walter
Oxtail with Red Wine
Mushroom with Champagne
Drabbed Bawlor (Soup)

If you have a favourite soup that doesn't appear on this list and which you think I might find both toothsome (if you see what I mean) and nourishing, perhaps you could let me know?


Vicus Scurra said...


Rog said...

Superman Soup - Old Ham with Capon

I once showed a client round a pretentious up-and-coming pub restaurant in Thetford many years ago and ostentatiously enquired of the young waitress "What is the 'soupe du jour'?"

"That's the 'soup of the day'", she helpfully responded.

Tim said...


Martin H. said...

Ouch! I know what it is to lose teeth in a brawl. In my case, I was soberly defending myself in an unprovoked attack... although, after the event, the room was spinning ever so slightly. At least you won't be navigating the soup past your stitches this time...will you?

Z said...

You have ventured far beyond the soupish realms of the Z cuisine, I haven't heard of several of those. Isn't J marvellous - what sympathy she shows for your anxious tastebuds so that, however deprived of crunch you will not be of flavour.

This is the time of year when I make Elizabeth David's light tomato soup. Some of it is still in the freezer from last year, now I come to think of it.

Dave said...


Christopher said...

It seems to me that some of you lads have what amounts to little less than a fetish for Heinz Lentil Soup out of the fridge. Clearly soup, like revenge, is a dish best tasted cold.

Rog: As it happens our local river is called the Jaur. This gives much rise to those plays on words of which you are such an example to us all which the French find utterly baffling: Soupe du Jaur, Plat du Jaur, etc.

You're right, Z. She's absolutely souper. (I thought this up on my own, without any help from Rog.)

Martin: I don't suppose...erm, that's to say...I mean, stranger things have been known to happen...could it?, surely not: it would be too much of a coincidence...or could it?...if it really was you, after all these years...then if you're prepared to apologise for cutting off my then fashionable kipper tie and using it as a kind of fig-leaf, then I'm more than ready to say I'm sorry for deliberately knocking out my pipe-dottles into your beer.

Ah, Estudiantina!

broken biro said...

No such list would be complete without Cullen Skink surely? (although, thinking about it, it's rather chewier than some you mention.)

broken biro said...

Also - Broccoli and Stilton

Spadoman said...

First and foremost I apologize for not being here as often as I have in the past. I do have an excuse however, I was busy coming up with soup recipes so you don't get scurvy and starve to death. As a Pirate in a former life, (A fact that my cabin boy, Mr. Prostitute, ((Yes, same name as the one in Yellowbeard, a Python bit)), will attest), I do know a bit about scurvy and you need to be sure you get plenty of vitamin C.
Here are a few of the more savory of my personal collection:
Cream of Mushroom Santa Fe(to die for, Scovill estimate on request)
Turkey Wild Rice
Italian Chicken Noodle Dickey( a family favorite)
Bohemian rib and cabbage (you can suck the bones and spoon the lovely broth)
Pumpkin squash medley,(Smooth and silky)

Note" The trukey wild rice, although a soup, has the consistency of a stew and therefore should be avoided given the lack of a chewing surface.

I have been to the dentist myself not more than a week ago. I will return for a little more work on September 29th and I'll be done until the 6 month check-up and cleaning in January.

Sorry you need to go through this ordeal.


letouttoplay said...

You seem to have all my favourites there plus a few that I've never heard of but must try! Mushroom with champagne! Wow.
Creamy lettuce and herbs.

Friko said...

None as delightfully concocted and spelt as some on your list. Besides, is it getting a little windy around your parts?