Monday, 4 July 2011

Ferrari Testarusta

Yes, there's been some talk about getting a new car.

Miss E., aka The Blue Kitten, rather fancies this model, as seen in the village recently.

But could there be a problem with low bridges and multi-storey car parks?


Dave said...

But if you have trouble finding a parking space it could probably eat other cars.

Vicus Scurra said...

Where is your spirit of adventure?

Rosie said...

1). Does she have an international driving licence?

2).Is she actually old enough to drive?

moreidlethoughts said...

You're taking advice from a Pink Policeperson?

Christopher said...

Have you been watching those transformer films again, Dave?

Vicus: Actually we're waiting for the sports version to come out.

Rosie: Oh yes...
When Miss E. goes a-drivin'
All the fellers stop their skivin';
They're a-whistlin' and a-jivin'
And they're surely all connivin'
That she's got the
Ride in town.

(Apologies to Michael Hurd)

MIT: Yup. Doesn't do to disregard PPPs.

Rog said...

Not so much "Deux Chevaux" as "Une chat avec un dragon en m├ętal" - no as catchy.

Sir Bruin said...

Are you sure that it's not the Lamborghini Muchascrappio?

Christopher said...

Would you fellows fancy a test drive?

Actually this vehicle is called Lou Garrigal, which I think is an imaginary bird from the upland scrub.

Mike and Ann said...

Your ferrari Testarusta, though impressive, appears to me suspiciously like a variant on the rather better known ferrus scrapheapicus.

Christopher said...

Ferrus scrapheapicus (pron. 'scraffy appickus)? I see you've been playing Scrabble again.

letouttoplay said...

I could quite fancy one of those. It might end up a bit leafy but think of the views over the tops of the hedges.