Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Head over heels

Reading the harrowing account of the death of Shelley (drowned at the age of 29 off the coast of Italy in 1822: body recovered 8 days later, burnt on a funeral pyre on the beach), what struck me as the most horrific detail in the whole gruesome saga was the attitude of Byron. Byron, who was present at the cremation, asked Shelley's friend Trelawney to save the top half of the skull for him. Trelawney, suspecting that Byron wanted to use it as a drinking cup, to his credit refused.

I can't say I've ever drunk out of a skull and I've no regrets about it. But I wouldn't mind being able to say with truth that I had, at some time or other in an uneventful life speckled by occasional excesses, drunk champagne out of a lady's shoe. Maybe that's something to come. I understand from those who know that the important thing in these matters is that the shoe in question need not be high-heeled but should not be open-toed.

Happy February!


Vicus Scurra said...

I, on the other hand, feel that it is one of my missions to campaign against inebriation. Be aware that there may be some young people reading this.

Sir Bruin said...

For reasons of taste rather than practicality, I suggest that the shoe should not be a trainer either.

Christopher said...

Quite right, Vicus. I'm afraid it slipped my mind. Next time I shall put a suitable warning like 'To be consumed with moderation'.

Sir B: Good to see you. And of course one might add that preferably the lady should not be troubled with verrucas.

Z said...

Oh, thank you very much. Now I'll spend the afternoon singing The Wiener Schnitzel Waltz.

"I drank champagne from your shoe, la-la-la, I was drunk by the time I was through, la-la-la. For I didn't know as I raised that cup, it had taken two bottles to fill the thing up..."

And, ever practical, it occurs to me that I'd not want to wear the shoe for the rest of the evening, either. Squelchy.

Rog said...

I haven't drunk with a skull, but in Cambridge as a callow youth I once skulled with a drunk.