Monday, 4 June 2012

Going dark

I'm going dark for a bit. Very busy month coming up. I'll try and keep Evelyn Dunbar going, though, over there on the right.

Musical highlights, both at the Prieuré de St Julien (a very beautiful 9th century chapel a couple of miles from where we live):

Friday, June 15th, at 8.45pm: First performance of my Trio for violin, cello and piano, by the Hoboken Trio - Saskia Lethiec (violin), Eric Picard (cello) and Jérôme Granjon (piano)

Friday, June 29th, at 8.45pm, annual Concert de l'amitié (friendship):

Madrigals from the 13th century (Sumer is ycomen in) to the early 17th century (Three Virgin Nymphs) via O my heart, my heart, my heart it is so sore: for I must needs from my love depart, and know no cause therefore, written in about 1510 by Henry VIII.

Duets for women's voices by Mendelssohn, including one apparently called 'GRUB' until you realise it is fact 'GRUß', i.e 'GRUSS' (= Ger. 'greeting')

Missa Brevis in F, K192, by Mozart, choir (my small choir Les Jeudistes) and string orchestra (from the Conservatoire de Perpignan), which I shall be conducting.

If you're in the area, I'd be so pleased to see you. Full details on, click on Concerts 2012

PS:  A call this morning from Clem Adelman, jazz clarinettist/saxophonist friend and impish humorist. He'd been playing clarinet at a jazz night in a local restaurant. During a break an Englishman on holiday interrupted his meal to ask:

'Excuse me, that instrument, do you blow it or suck it?'
'Suck it, of course. How else would I play it?'
'Yeah, I thought so. I must tell my wife. Thanks.'


Vicus Scurra said...


Rog said...

Gruss Gott .... and don't go too dark

Mike and Ann said...

Wish you a good summer, Christopher. Sounds like a busy one.
Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

mig bardsley said...

I'm not wearing my glasses and misread GRUB as GRUE.

Enjoy your dark month.

Anonymous said...

Whether to blow or suck ~ best to apply a good blow before suck so as to eject invertebrates that might have taken up residence between laying down in the evening and taking up in the morning one's instrument (particularly in summertime). Actually ~ there aren't many musical instruments that require sucking (are there?) to obtain a note except the mouth organ and Jews Harp (that I know of) ~ Or, has anyone sucked a musical instrument some of us weren't aware required such to deliver a note however screechingly because the pipe player had forgot the initial blow and had sucked up a resident wasp.

busanalayali said...

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Rog said...

Where are you Mr Christopher? And how are you doing? Comment allez vous? (Comments go to you)

Mad Dog said...

Hello Christopher, I'm trying to restablish contact with Clem. He taught me many years ago and also got me started playing jazz. I did have his email address but it's now dead. If you have one that's current I should be most grateful You can write to me directly at:
Thank you in anticipation. John

Mad Dog said...

PS Interesting blog, BTW.