Friday, 7 May 2010

Is your name Bum?

There has been a complaint that Lydian Airs is 'a tad high-brow'. I'm sorry about this. I do try to please all comers. The following may redress the balance:

Escalus: Come you hither to me, Master Tapster. What's your name, Master Tapster?

Pompey: Pompey.

Escalus: What else?

Pompey: Bum, sir.

Escalus: Troth, and your bum is the greatest thing about you...

(William Shakespeare: Measure for Measure, Act 2 Scene1)

Alive to the possibility that Pompey's descendants are still in evidence, I consulted one of those genealogical websites. I'm afraid it was a French one, one that pops up uninvited while waiting for other things to load. There are 728 registered Bums.

The site helpfully lists the most popular Bum family forenames. 'Pompey' doesn't appear. Nor does Al, too busy sticking things into himself to register.

They are:

Elisabeth Enric Fritz Jakob Large Madeline-M Mary-Elizabeth Milliard-Fillmore Minnie Mnukhe Oliver Otto Tressa Vigder William

That's all I can tell you. I ought to know better, really.

Next week: Is your name Halfwit?

* * *

If you're in need of further diversion (maybe the election didn't go the way you would have wished?), try this:



ziGGi said...

what a very well behaved little wheel, ahhh.

thank you

Z Halfwit

Vicus Scurra said...

Thank you. I feel much more grounded.

Dave said...

If we're honest, most of your readers would have also enjoyed the wheel causing a multi-vehicle (but with no fatalities) accident.

moreidlethoughts said...

If that was, as it seems, Mt Panorama, then Dave's comment would have been negated. I asked several people at races what they came for and the answer was always(sometimes graphically and pithily) "monster pile-ups!"

Rog said...

I cracked up when I read this.

Rog said...
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I, Like The View said...

I tried to divert myself, but all my screen provided was a big black hole

Sarah said...


Z said...

If you'd clicked on the black hole, Jacqueline, you might have got the diversion - I thought it hadn't loaded too.

ziGGi said...

I've just got Rog's joke!

Christopher said...

Zigs (1): Aye, weel trained, as they would say in Scotland.

Vicus: My pleasure, but I'm not at all easy about you being grounded just for innocently calling in here. Wasn't an ASBO, was it? Maybe they slapped it on for something else.

Dave: Fatalities? Wouldn't matter much if the whole lot carked it, would it, in the light of the resurrectionist initiative over at Vicus' place?

MIT: Mt Panorama? Happy to take your word for it - I've no idea where it is: my friend Monsieur Ector, a devotee like others you mention of monster pile-ups, sent the clip to me months ago and I rather feared everyone in the whole world had seen it. Not so, it seems.

Rog: After your cycling marathon it's only to be expected that you should be more than usually sensitive about your gluteus maximus.

Jax: I'm sorry. When I set it up I hoped your tribe might enjoy it too.

Sah: Too true. Fundamental, in fact.

Snowy: Thanks, on behalf of the family upstairs.

Zigs (2): Thank you for taking time off from looking out of the window to see if the delivery man's arrived yet to read this. Rog's shadowy employment is now revealed to be Christmas cracker riddle operative. We can only be grateful that the sign on the road didn't read BUS LANE ONLY, which, if you change a few of the letters, turn others upside down, add a few new ones and turn it back to front can be made to read SQUEAK PIGGY SQUEAK. I expect you'd enjoy working it out in between bouts of drowsiness while looking out of the window waiting for the delivery man to arrive.

I, Like The View said...

thanks Z!


I'll be sharing that with The Teens when they return on Sunday evening


(blast - now I have the tune to three wheels on my wagon on my brain. . .)

Spadoman said...

As far as the highbrow comment, well, you folks are smart enough for sure, but I was smart in the stuff they didn't teach in school!
Only joking, of course, but I don't speak any other Latin except the "Pig" variety. Igpay Attinlay.
The rolling wheel! Cool! I love Formula One and Superbikes, (Not Nascar as one might expect). Spin outs as opposed to crashes make my day, especially when it happens to a driver I am not cheering for!

Peace to all

Word Veriufication:

Looks like a French word to me, what does it mean?

Christopher said...

Jax: Very pleased

Spadoman: Fr. comxvure sm = regular guy who drops in, convinces you by his mere presence that Americans are OK and drinks all the beer.

Spadoman said...

Make that port and I'm your man!