Thursday, 23 February 2012

Return to Vienna (1)

I hadn't been back to Vienna for 51 years. With the utmost generosity J. took me there for a long weekend to mark my birthday. What happened will probably occupy blog posts for weeks. For now, the events of those crowded and climactic few days were encompassed - well, more or less - on the Do Not Disturb card the hotel invited us to display outside our door each morning. (If we weren't ready for the chambermaids, that is: for the record, there was an alternative card which read Please Clean My Room.)


I am reading a mystery novel
I am collecting my thoughts
I am contemplating my future
I am remembering things past
I am so happy to be in my room
I am trying to concentrate
I am enjoying a pastry
I am being inspired by a book
I am listening to music
I am planning my evening out
I am watching a great film
I am thinking about a career change
I am reflecting on my decisions
I am sitting in the lotus position
I am tasting a glass of wine
I am enjoying coffee
I am stimulating my curiosity
I am writing a love letter
I am dreaming of a bright tomorrow


Vicus Scurra said...

Of course, on that list several of the activities could be combined.
It could be argued that you could be doing all of them simultaneously.
Perhaps the addition of tick boxes would make that clearer.

Christopher said...

Absolutely, Vicus, tho' what the chambermaids say when they glance through the peephole and observe guests simultaneously writing love letters in the lotus position while eating pastries has not been made known to us.

Martin said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday treat, Christopher. I'm imagining a list that might be appropriate for 'Please Clean My Room.

Christopher said...

Splendid idea, Martin. Something along the lines of

I have spilt my wine
I have shredded my love letters
I have disowned my past
I have left pastry crumbs all over the floor
I have torn the last 20 pages out of my mystery novel
I have compromised myself by being unable to get out of the lotus position

etc., etc.?

Any other suggestions?

Rog said...

Are you sure this was a room card and not a summing up by the Srauss Kahn defence attorney?

Z said...

I felt moved to try sitting in the lotus position. I should like to place it on record that it can be done, even with dodgy hips and high heeled boots. Possibly, I'll regret it in the morning.

Tomorrow, I shall work my way through the rest of the list. Just wondering to whom I should write the love letter.

Very glad you had a lovely time, dearest Chris.

Mike and Ann said...

Spent a few days there about 30 years ago. Did a little business, treated ourselves to a performance by the Vienna Boys' Choir, and made a friend (an antique dealer, who kept a shop in a small square, off a tiny back alley - didn't do any business with him, our tastes were too similar, as were our monetary values, which was why, but he was very welcoming and we spent a pleasant half hour or so with him, admiring his stock, and exchanging knowledge). A lovely city.

Christopher said...

You could be right, Rog. And his defence team would pay good money for your suggestion. Do you deal in legal advocacy on eBay?

Z: On no account should you write a love letter to D. Strauss-Kahn. The consequences might be incalculable.

M and A: Yes, a lovely city. And there are still as many antique dealers as cake shops. Despite the current question-mark over the value of the € I have to admit we did more business with the latter than with the former.

mig bardsley said...

It sounds like a wonderful place. Your hotel room does anyway.

Christopher said...

Our hotel room was just fine, Mig, but I wouldn't like you to think that its delights were so overwhelming that we never came out of it.